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“Join Us and Secure Your Future”

We at Pedmedic are dedicated to help union members work better. Currently our clients have to wait long before obtaining appointments due to popularity of our services and the fact that we are one of the few centers in Canada offering ergonomics services and supplies to workers. We would like to see Pedmedic in every corner of the world so all workers could have access easily to ergonomic services. Our marketing position and quality are the best since We understand local conditions and issues and we are there when you need us.

We believe our franchise system will provide you with an easy to operate and profitable business. By working together as a team we can expand your business by ensuring a high quality of Patient service.

It is anticipated that franchises will be established and located throughout selected cities and provincial cities of Canada and USA. PED MEDIC INC. has plans to expand into USA and Europe markets. This will ensure that the group has strength in numbers.

Our primary aim over the next ten years will be to establish PED MEDIC INC. as the leader.

It means being “The Best”, not necessarily “The Biggest”. Being the Best will be measured by all those with a stake in the company:

By our Patients :

in terms of value, range and quality of the service we provide.

By our franchisees :

in terms of profit and on-going support.

By our employees (direct and indirect) :

in terms of remuneration, conditions of work, training and employment opportunities.

By our suppliers :

 in terms of fair and mutually profitable dealings and their willingness to develop their business with ours.

We welcome every opportunity to assist you in achieving maximum success and growth. As a partnership working together for the common good, no request is an imposition and no clarification of the most minor point of any procedure is considered to be a problem. Our role is to support the Franchise System and keep you abreast with the finer points of franchising.

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee of Pedmedic, please contact us at (416) 226-6008
or info@pedmedic.com for more information or visit our office at:

8199 Yong Street Suite 401

Thorn hill,   Ontario   L3T 2C6

Fax: 416.226.9391

Contact US

8199 Yong Street Suite 401
Thorn hill, Ontario L3T 2C6
Phone: 416.828.0059
Fax: 866.280.5117

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